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Flavoured Green Tea Jasmine, Earl Grey, Ginger – 45 Pcs in Wooden Box

Content: This Elegant Handmade Wooden Tea Box contains, 15 pcs each, of individually packed tea bags of Jasmine/ Earl Grey/ Ginger Tea, offering the best quality leaves preserved to give you the best sip, every time.

Flavor Description: Jasmine Green Tea : Light Body, Lingering Floral Aroma and Soothing Finish

Flavour Description: Ginger Green Tea: Full Bodied, Bold Spicy Palate

Flavour Description: Earlgrey Green Tea: Full Bodied, Earthy, Refreshingly Lingering Citrus and Floral Aroma

Health Benefits: Strengthens Immune System, Boosts Digestion, Relives Stress, Energizing and Refreshing and Rich in Antioxidants among several others.

Tasting Note: Light Bodied, lingering floral aromas and a soothing finish


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